Cross-country skiing is a great way to get out in the winter, a season in which many people struggle to remain active. It is a full-body sport, moving both the upper and lower body, burning lots of calories in the process. It improves cardiovascular strength as well as the overall health of the skier. Getting outside skiing helps relieve stress and is a great way to connect with nature, especially with it being a very quiet sport. It is not uncommon to see wildlife out on the trails particularly in the twilight hours.

Knowing these benefits and seeing the need in our community, a group of avid cross-country skiers formed the Lacombe Cross-Country Ski Club in the fall of 2015. Its mandate is to create groomed and accessible trails in and around the Lacombe area. In 2015 we received the Recreation and Culture Grant from the City of Lacombe to help seed the club and get our first season rolling. We had a great response from the community with 90 members signing up. Carrying on the success of the first season, in the 2016-2017 season we signed up 100 members and had a lot of positive response from skiers on our trails.

We’ve continued to operate from season to season with the support of our club membership and sponsors. Our current board members are listed below:

Brent Bouwsema – President

Larry Michielsen – Vice-President

Ellen Corea – Treasurer

Kristin de Andrade – Secretary

Margo Butterfield – Director

Dave Corea – Director

Carla Pimm – Director

Mike Johns – Derry Armstrong